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Realflight Dongle Emulator 3.4.18 [Latest 2022]




You can fix this by smearing some thin CA into the crack between the pinion and. Realflight G2 has a pretty good helicopter flight model, I agree. But it's also sensitive to model in general as far as stability goes. Take for example, I had a friend run me some simulations with his G3, and he had to realign it just to make it fly. The same was true of the HiFi I flew a while back. But it did have some pretty good helicopter performance. Yeah, we all love seeing our stuff fly, but when it doesn't, the level of frustration that can occur can be pretty intense... For the parts that are easily removable, the instructions should be written in English and be in separate steps, and the parts should be labeled clearly. Label the screws that go into the blade mount that are visible on the inside of the body (the ones you can't see from the outside). Thanks Robbo, it really comes down to following the instructions that came with the kit. Instructions are not great but hey, my equipment is there, I have the tools, a good attitude, and a fairly high IQ so we'll see what happens. My real concern was getting the gear together with a clear goal in mind. Would it fly? Probably not... I did some careful measurements of the shaft and gear. The rear of the gear was off a bit but the shaft was a little longer then what is mentioned. You could try using a longer shaft and push on the blade mount. The placement of the camera and sensor makes for a really clean looking helicopter... I think Logged Randy Ingersoll $80000 worth of working VEX G2 kits, running P3D First VEX user to go through all the cards in VRV




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Realflight Dongle Emulator 3.4.18 [Latest 2022]

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