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Hi! I am Doris.

I help companies to create brands.   


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After developing plenty of private brands for a German e-commerce giant, I recognized that developing and launching a brand can be done in 12 easy steps. This is when I built my own brand-building process. In the last year, I tested this process with many clients as I guided them through the steps of creating their new brands, re-positioning their existing brands, (re-)launching brands, localizing brands and defining marketing strategies that help to strengthen the brand position in the digital age.



Brand Building and Repositioning Process

Depending on the company's size and budget, I will guide them through the brand development process or become part of their team on an interim basis and lead the process in the company. For Start-Ups I wrote everything down in an easy-to-follow Workbook.

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Already in the middle of the process, but somehow stuck? I offer

4 Plug`n Play Brand Workshops

I also offer workshops detached from coaching and consulting. The workshop can be held digitally (e.g. on Miro) or in person at a location of your choice.

The Why –

Vision & Mission & Values Workshop

This workshop is designed for any company, that has a product or service and needs to built a brand around it. Just by defining this fundament of the brand, we can built a stable and strong brand around the product.

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The Name –

Brand Name Workshop

This workshop is designed for any company, that already has a product or service but is missing a name for it that is matching the target group. This workshop includes the first legal check and proposing a representing domain that is procurable. 

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The Persona –

Target Consumer Workshop

This workshop is designed for any brand or company, that is either not having defined it´s target consumer or is in need of adjustment to it´s defined target consumer. In this workshop we also use some approaches from the limbic map.

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The Cooperation –Brand Alignment Workshop

This workshop is designed for any two brands that decide to go into a partnership or any kind of cooperation.
Here we align on the brand beliefs and values, which are the foundation of the collaboration. This becomes the essence of mutual marketing communication.

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image from Jack & Jones and Renault Formula 1 campaign.

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09.2016 - present

Brand STRATEGIST and Strategic Marketing Consultant


03.2021 - 12.2022

Interim CMO

Circleback GmbH

10.2017 - 05.2019

Head of Brand Marketing and Communication and
Sr. Brand Manager


04.2014 - 08.2016

Strategic Marketing Responsible and
Campaign & Project lead

Bestseller SE

08.2011 -03.2014

Brand Manager
PrivatE brands

zLables GmbH (Zalando SE)

09.2005 -06.2010

Magister Artium in Sociology and


super powers
my CV


I am all about the  secondhand industry. 

ReCommerce became my passion. Visit my other Website Rebound Stuff.


I am all about

Start-Ups. I like working with them and I also had my own Start-Up. You will always get one or two ideas and hacks for free!


I am all about the fashion industry. Although I work on many projects, I have the most work experience in the fashion industry.  

 Urban Sourcing Consultant at
Rebound Stuff

09.2020 - present


Co-Founder & Co-CEO
of Tildi

04.2023 - present

Prowd GmbH


Selected clients

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